Turkey citizenship by investment


Turkey has significantly eased the required limits for foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship to encourage investment, according to new regulations published in the country’s Official Gazette on Sept. 19. The lower limit of fixed capital investments to acquire Turkish citizenship for foreigners has been reduced to $500,000 from $2 million. Foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey worth a minimum of $250,000, instead of $1 million, can avail Turkish citizenship.

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**The application for the acquisition of the real estate by sale will not be enough to determine the amount stated in the article, a valuation report will be demanded which accepted by SPK and prepared by an evaluation expert who have a valid licence and prepared properly for the evaluation standards. It will be observed that the valuation report refers to the year of transaction made. The value in US dollars will be calculated on the effective selling rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey on the date of the transaction, and for each foreigner acquiring more than one house, each house will be evaluated separately.

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