The rise of visitor numbers is a very positive news for the Turkish economy. With the conferences being held in Turkey to grow the number of visitors and increase the interest of people looking to invest in Turkey. Turkey certainly seems to be heading in the right direction with the new hotels and the opening of the new airport.

Turkey’s location between Asia, the Middle East and the rest of Europe, is making it a perfect and convenient spot for conferences and meetings.
With the new airport opening, business travelers are also being looked after. This airport was built to replace Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, currently the 15th busiest in the world. So with the opening of the new airport the capacity to welcome more visitors is much bigger.
Istanbul New Airport is a game changer. The airport will have the capacity for 150 million passengers annually which makes it the largest airport in the world.
All these investments are having a positive effect on turkey’s real estate market. Four hundred thousand people were recorded as living in the city last year compared to the year before. Istanbul is now home to 15 million. However, there is always room to move for anyone planning to buy property in Turkey.
The good news about receiving the Turkish citizenship with the purchase of a property at the price of USD$250,000 is also a great opportunity for business travelers. It will be much easier for entrepreneurs and small companies seeking to be established and based in Turkey.
Before this month, investors needed to spend $1million to get a Turkish passport, but to attract funds and investments, the Turkish Government announced this new law

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