Turkey is one of the strongest economies in the world. It has the most strategic geographical location with a highly vibrant social life and amazing atmosphere. It offers many opportunities to all kinds of investments. The Real Estate market has improved radically due to foreign investment because of many factors. The properties’ prices offer a great potential for a long-term venture.

Turkey’s real estate market offers a variety of investment opportunities from new properties to old ones, to pre-ordering your dream home. There is a wide range of advantages when buying a property in Turkey such as picking the right location, from urban to coastal areas, residential or independent luxurious flats or villas.

The Turkish economy is ranked 13th among the world’s largest economies and is the 5th largest economy in Europe. Turkey has a promising future and is expected to have an average annual real GDP growth of 5.4 by 2020. Also, it is the third largest exporter of textile after Italy and Germany.

When you compare Turkey to other developed economies, prices are relatively low as opposed to other large economies that share the same benefits and standard of living which is very beneficial for those who are looking to settle down.

Turkey’s third airport opened its doors in 2018 and will soon replace Istanbul Ataturk Airport which is estimated to close soon after the airport is fully established. The new airport is expected to be the largest one in the world with a capacity of 150 million passengers. This will attract more foreign investments and international seminars which will result to growing the Turkish economy even further.

Furthermore, the large ongoing construction projects have created new opportunities for workers. The third airport and the Eurasia Tunnel have created thousands of job openings. Along with, more innovative modern buildings and residential areas are being built every month creating new vacancies. This shows many promising advantages and ensures that Turkey will continue to grow as a successful economy attracting foreign investments and new business opportunities.

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